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During earlier times of considerable campus turmoil, the University of Chicago's faculty issued three reports dealing with:


(1) Freedom of expression (the Chicago Principles),

(2) A university’s involvement in political and social matters (the Kalven Report), and

(3) Academic appointments (the Shils Report).


These three reports are now often referred to as the Chicago Trifecta.


We have compiled the core principles of each of the three reports, solely using language taken directly from each report and in the exact same order as the language appears in each report, and have posted below copies of those compilations (you will need to click on the arrows to see subsequent pages of each report). PDF versions also have been included at the bottom of this webpage for readers who might want to download copies.


We continue to urge Stanford’s faculty, administration and trustees to adopt all three parts of the Chicago Trifecta as a way to guarantee the type of free speech and critical thinking we believe is essential for a leading university like Stanford.


Chicago Trifecta

Principles for Freedom

of Expression

(compilation of the

Chicago Principles)

A University's Role in Political

and Social Action

(compilation from the

Kalven report)

Principles for Academic Appointments

(compilation from the

Shils report)

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